Card Readers

Omnidrive is a family of German-manufactured drives which has been popular in industrial applications for many years due to its robustness and reliability. With the Omnidrive it is possible to read and write nearly all types of PC memory cards ( ATA Flash, ATA HDD, Sram and linear Flash)

In its "Professional"-Version, the Omnidrive is supplied with Software Tools for access to memory cards at byte level: Binary Copy, Hex Editor, PC-Card Analysis and Repair.

Omnidrive USB 2.0 Professional
The Omnidrive USB 2.0 Professional is an external drive for PCMCIA cards.

  • Interface: USB 2.0 & 1.1
  • PCMCIA Typ II front slot (supports Typ I & II)
  • Supports ATA Flash cards, ATA Hard Disks and SRAM cards.
  • Option: power-supply through AC Adapter.
  • Also available in 3,5" for internal mounting


Omnidrive USB 2.0 Professional LF
The Omnidrive USB 2.0 LF is like the Omnidrive-USB-Professional but is additionally capable of writing to Linear Flash cards.


Omnidrive Professional (Centronics)
The Omnidrive Professional is a reader/writer for PCMCIA Cards.

  • Interface: PC printer port (SPP & EPP)
  • PCMCIA Typ III front slot (supports I, II & III).
  • Supports ATA Flash cards, ATA Hard Disks, SRAM and linear Flash cards.
  • Windows Tool "PC Card Manager" (with Hex-Editor and Binary Copy Utility).


The RW-PCATA-USB2 is an external drive for PCMCIA (PC cards) (only ATA Flash and ATA HDD!), and (with adapter) also for Memory Stick, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, MultiMedia, and XD cards.
The Interface is USB 2.0



  • Internal (3,5") USB 2.0 reader/writer for PC ATA cards
  • ONLY for ATA Flash und ATA HDD !
  • With appropriate adapters you can also read CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, and XD cards.