Re-radiators make possible the use of navigation systems inside a building, a ship or a road vehicle. They are useful for the test, demonstration or maintenance of GPS receivers. They can enable the use of handheld GPS inside a vehicle.

Note that the general term is GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). 
GPS refers only to the American System. The Russian System is called GLONASS.  

To assist your choice of a re-radiating system, please see this comparison-chart

Before installing a re-radiating system, please check the appropriate regulations with your national radio authority.

RA-50   GPS Signal Re-Radiator

Specially designed for use in vehicles with built-in navigation system, where a good signal is not received on account of the metalised windows. It also allows for example the use of personal GPS navigators inside a closed vehicle. 

  • Range: ~ 2m
  • External antenna, waterproof IP 65
  • 5m cable for internal radiating antenna
  • 12V cigar socket power adapter
  • Internal antenna inside the power adapter 


RK-104 Signal Re-Radiator for GPS
RK-106 Signal Re-Radiator for GPS and GLONASS

This best-selling system is sutable for offices, laboratories and garages.

  • Range ~ 10m
  • External antenna weatherproof IP 65
  • 40m cable to internal radiating antenna
  • Power supply for 100 ~ 240V AC 


RK-304   Signal Re-Radiator for GPS
RK-306   Signal Re-Radiator for GPS and GLONASS

Due to the long range, this is suitable for use in hangars, underground car parks or in traffic tunnels. 

  • Range ~30m 
  • External antenna waterproof IP 65
  • 40m cable
  • Supply Voltage 100 ~ 240V AC