TecSys GmbH supplies monitors - optionally equipped with a touch function - in sizes 5" to 82" for various applications, e.g. industrial, medical, military and commercial, outdoor and indoor applications.

The monitors are manufactured and delivered according to customer requirements. The standard variants can be expanded with additional connections such as HDMI / BNC or with high brightness LED, which means that these monitors can be easily adapted to specific applications. For details or an overview of all possible additional functions and options, please refer to the respective data sheets, as these can vary depending on the size.

  • Open Frame Monitors (OF-Series): Monitors without a bezel.
  • Chassis Type Monitors (CH-Series): Monitors with a bezel.
  • Chassis Rear-Mount Monitors (CM-Series): Like the CH monitors, but with the addition of mounting brackets.
  • Panel Mount (PM-Series): For front mounting in a wall or cabinet.
  • Rack Mount (RM-Serie): For mountimg in standard 19" or 23" racks