TecSys offers PCMCIA SRAM PC cards for all applications.
SRAM cards need internal batteries to maintain the data.  We can supply cards in two variants: either with EXCHANGEABLE lithium batteries, which need exchanging after a period of years, or with rechargeable batteries which are continuously charged while the card is in use.
A small write-protect switch on the side protects against accidental data loss.

IMPORTANT!  Linear PCMCIA cards can normally Switch automatically between 8-bit mode and 16-bit mode.  From August 2017 however, we shall only be able to deliver Cards which are EITHER 16-bit- OR 8-bit-capable. 
For further information, please get in touch with us.

- PCMCIA Type I (except for 130mAh rechargeable)
- WITH or WITHOUT attribute memory
- Access time: 150ns (Max.)
- Power:  5V ± 5%
- Consumption: working: 120 mA (max), waiting: 0.4 mA (max)
- Operating temperature: 0° ~ 70°    or    -40° ~ +85°

These cards can be accessed from a PC using the Omnidrive USB Professional drive