LCD displays available from 5" to 23" in 4:3 format and from 7" to 82" wide screen, fully customized to match your customers' needs. Optional touch function or LED backlight allows to usde this monitor for any occasion.

The TecSys LCD displays can basically be divided into 4 types:

  • Open Frame Monitors (OF series)monitors without front bezel.
  • Chassis Type Monitors (CH Series): Provided with a metal bezel.
  • Rear Chassis Mount (CM Series): Similar to the CH Series, but with additional mounting brackets for installation.
  • Panel Mount (PM series): for insertion into wall sockets or enclosures.
  • Rack Mount (RM Series): monitor provided with an aperture for cabinets.

Fully customized monitors

TecSys LCD displays can be customized to your needs. As a standard we deliver with VGA and DVI port on the device. You have also the possibility to integrate an HDMI or BNC connectors. Additionally, you can choose brightness and the type of backlight. Whether CCFL or LED. The choice is yours!