SNAP Velox Module and Accessories

SNAP Velox

The SNAP Velox from Swedish manufacturer IMSYS ( is a microcontroller module with extensive capabilities for use in the field of IoT and M2M. The module contains a very fast microprogrammed JAVA interpreter. Programming in C and assembler is also possible. In addition to extensive I/O Interfaces, the Velox has 8MB Flash and 32MB SDRAM and 10/100Base-T Ethernet MAC and PHY.


SNAP Velox Gateway Board
The Gateway Board is a motherboard with a Veloxmodul already mounted and the interfaces suitably terminated to corresponding connectors.


SNAP Velox Development Kit
The SNAP Velox development kit consists of the Gateway Board plus a USBTrace- Adapter plus the appropriate software IDE. This is a complete Windows-based environment for the development of user application software, with debug support for Java, C, and Assembler.

SNAP Classic Module and Accessories

The Imsys SNAP Classic module is an early JAVA-enabled microcontroller intended for embedded systems with internet connectivity. It is still available and in use.

It is a plug & play reference platform that is compatible with the MAXIM TINI 72pin format. The J2ME-CLDC JAVA Runtime Environment has been certified by Sun Microsystems.

SNAP-Modules are ideally suited for remote monitoring and control of a wide variety of equipment ranging from simple sensors to complex industrial installations. The heart of the SNAP-Module is the Imsys CJIP CPU. This can interpret native JAVA byte code directly, without a VM; this is why the SNAP can achieve a processing speed 20 times faster than competitive products.

TecSys delivers the SNAP-Module, plus the associated software and a selection of Motherboards and Development-Kits.

SNAP Classic
The SNAP Classic is an early development in the SNAP family which still has many users. SNAP-users enjoy the following advantages:
- 800 KBytes flash memory for customer applications
- 6 MBytes RAM for customer data
- 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Manufacturers Datasheet

MB-TILT-400Pro   Motherboard for SNAP CLASSIC
The MB-TILT-400Pro is a moderately priced, OEM socket board. It enables the use of SNAP Classic with a wide-range of interfaces: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, serial x 2, CAN and 1-Wire, and one JSimm expansion slot. It is physically small - 100x100mm - and fits into standard European enclosures.

MB-STEP    Motherboard for SNAP CLASSIC
The MB-STEP is a SNAP Classic motherboard in a 100x160 mm Euroboard standard size. It is equipped with connectors for 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, RS232 serial x 2, CAN, 1-Wire and analog input. MB-STEP also offers enhanced possibilities with a prototype area and an additional expansion SIMM socket.


The SNAP-IDE is an Integrated Development Environment for the SNAP. The included tools are: source code editor, on-line manuals and help system, C-compiler, assembler, linker, loader and trace/debug tools.