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Types of Memory Card

SD card ATP 256GB professional buy

SD Cards

SD cards are the first choice for new products.
TecSys supplies SD and microSD cards from ATP for high reliability.

Micro-SD card ATP 4GB

microSD Cards

microSD cards are the smaller version of the SD cards and are used when space is at a premium.
TecSys supplies SD and microSD cards from ATP for the highest reliability.

PCMCIA SRAM Karte Pretec 8MB


PCMCIA cards (also known as PC cards) are robust 68-Pin memory cards which correspond to the PCMCIA / JEIDA Standard.



CF card ATP 8GB compact flash buy

Compact Flash cards

Compact Flash cards have 50 pins and an ATA interface, compatible with PCMCIA ATA.

LSI contactless Memory-Card

LSI Contactless Cards

The contactless cards from LSI are exceptionally robust.

Fujisoku ITT-Cannon 38-Pin Memory-Card

Older formats

There are older Memory Card formats which are nevertheless still in use.